Dathlu digwyddiad gofal a chanlyniadau cartref 2021

Crefft Comisiymu (NDTI / CLS)

  • An introduction to community led support, which covers the projects around the UK that have piloted this work and also the principles behind it, aims of the project, resources accessed and how commissioning and commissioners can support and encourage this.

Catalyddion Cymunedol

  • A presentation on the benefits of using community catalysts within our health and social care system. Community catalysts support working together with smaller agencies and PA’s with a community based approach to support people. 

Gofal & Chefnogaeth yn y cartref (Gofal Cymdeithasol Cymru)

  • A look at the resource which Social Care Wales have developed around outcomes focussed practice within domiciliary care. Also looks at the wellbeing programmes being run by SCW and the benefits of these for those working within the sector.

Ymagwedd newydd tuag at ofal cartref

  • A presentation on how Wellbeing teams are working to help people live well at home and be part of their community. Wellbeing teams are self managed, value led and community / neighbourhood based.

Modelau Amgen ar gyfer Gofal Cartref (WCPP)

  • A look at alternative models of care, with examples from the UK and around the world. 

Gweinyddu Meddyginiaeth

  • A presentation outlining the vision and work currently being undertaken by the working group for an All Wales Medication policy and procedure.  

Cost gofal cartref

  • A chance to learn about a new cost matrix for domiciliary care which has been created and launched by a working group. Includes a live run through. 

Tystiolaeth datblygu ymarfer gofal cartref ar draws Cymru

  • A presentation on the case studies covered, and with insight into how each one has worked so far and what has been learned. 


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